It’s no secret that many tasty BBQ sauces and rubs can be found on your grocery store shelf; but many of the tastiest craft and small batch sauces and rubs which you can find in The Sauce Shop App, never will.


There is now an app for those who crave the most outstanding craft BBQ products available. The best part? The app is a FREE download for iPhone and iPad users.


The Sauce Shop app specializes in promoting the finest BBQ sauces, hot sauces and rubs from craft sauce makers across the United States and beyond. From the table to the grill, BBQ connoisseurs no longer have to travel far and wide to enhance their BBQ experience.


With one click, users of The Sauce Shop app will be linked directly to the online sales portals of establishments and individuals who create their mouthwatering products on a small-scale, quality-is-everything philosophy. As an added bonus, BBQ lovers will be able to share, rate and comment to the worldwide online community about their favorite sauces and rubs.


But that’s not all. The Sauce Shop app is a one-stop-shop for all things BBQ — from products and restaurant-location information to the history of this popular method of cooking.


Our FREE app offers something for everyone:


• The BBQ Sauce and Hot Sauce sections of The Sauce Shop app spotlight exceptional sauces from around the world. (Yes, we have sauces from other countries!)


• Visit the Rubs and Spices section for the dry ingredients that are sure to intensify the flavor of everything from beef, pork, poultry to vegetables.


• The Sauce Shop app also features a Restaurant Locator section that has over 2100 of the best BBQ joints pinpointed for our users, to guide them on a mouthwatering journey to the best BBQ joints across the United States. To access the Restaurant Locator, simply open the section and then click the bottom “Locator” button to be directed toward the BBQ restaurant nearest you. One more click gets you turn-by-turn directions to the restaurant of your choice. Just like the sauces and rubs sections, patrons can rate, give a “thumbs up” and comment on any BBQ restaurant.


• In the Not Sauces section, you’ll find the technical aspects that will turn anyone into a true pit master. Browse this section for grills, smokers and BBQ utensils. Choose from an array of T-shirts from some of the best craft sauce makers and BBQ restaurants in the country. Basically, this section highlights everything else related to BBQ.


• Visit the app’s BBQ History section to learn how BBQ became such an integral part of American culture.


• The Calendar section of The Sauce Shop app keeps you up to date about upcoming BBQ competitions and events. It also highlights National Brisket Day, so you can plan ahead to celebrate this important BBQ holiday with family and friends. You’ll find lots of fun BBQ-related adventures awaiting you, and even a few odd ones.


If you love BBQ, The Sauce Shop app is for you! Sign up below to be sure you are up to date on all our new sauces and rubs!

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